We know the needs of law firms.

Law firms can be demanding customers. The business of running a law firm requires more from every company they work with. They need flexibility and an understanding of the unique cash demands of long receivables cycles and cash flow challenges.

As an equipment and software dealer to this audience you solve these problems every day. As good as you are, you want more. More differentiation, more solutions, more sales.

We can help you help your customers.

Offering your law firms a finance solution has long been a way to get a deal done. But lately, lenders seem to be more worried about their business than yours. It’s their parameters, their equipment, their process and the best service only goes to the big guys.

At Summit Vendor Finance, we don’t fit you into a box. We learn your sales process, strengths and design programs that make your deal easier to pay for. Our solutions push deals over the edge and drive a healthier bottom line.


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